$ 200.00


Limited Edition of 15

40.2 × 28.3 in (102.2 × 72.1 cm)

One-color screen print

Printed on Papyrus 80gsm, natural white, acid free paper

Signed and numbered by the artist in pencil

Some imperfections and textural anomalies may be present, lending character and uniqueness to each piece. Silkscreen printing produces a very distinctive look and may vary slightly from print to print, making your limited edition a truly unique work of art

Includes Certificate of Authenticity stamped by Another Fine Mess

Edition Nº AFM-6



The work refers to Tokyo, where I spent some time a few years ago. This clean, disciplined country - culturally so embedded in restrictions and habits - is somehow close to the specificity of line-drawings. On the other hand, the culture of breeding orchids feels representative of humans always aiming for total control over their environment. I found this plant in a hotel lobby next to the advice printed on a sign that read, "Don't Smoke While Walking".

– David Schiesser


David Schiesser's art is both figurative and abstract, simultaneously presenting and questioning nature, science and the relationship between humans and animals. Schiesser draws in ligne claire, reducing his work to the bare essentials, in which the infuses tattoo-aesthetic elements and personality through his unconventional juxtapositions and subject choices. His main inspiration in these choices are the human body and its coexistence with technical expansion: how the sense of body will transform in the future. It's a constant research in forms, ornaments, figures and the translation into the contemporary - usually expressed through different media such as drawings on paper and canvas, murals, sculpture and tattoos.

German, b. 1989, Frankfurt, Germany, based between Offenbach and Berlin

Don't Smoke While Walking - Art Print by David Schiesser | Another Fine Mess Don't Smoke While Walking - Art Print by David Schiesser | Another Fine Mess

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