Artist File Prep

Welcome to Another Fine Mess, we promise to always give your work the respect it deserves by adhering to incredibly meticulous production and packaging standards. In return, we ask you to please follow these instructions carefully to ensure that we can properly represent you and your work with the absolute highest quality art prints possible.

Please email the following items:

1.  Hi-Res Files
2.  Artist Bio

    Image Security: rest assured that your files are immediately converted into a screen resolution preview, and the originals kept on our secured servers only for the purposes of printing and fulfilling orders.

    1.  Prepare and email your Hi-Res Files


    • We print exactly what you give us. We need the highest resolution JPEG that you have (no other file types will be accepted). Double check your files by zooming into your file at 100% to look for anything you wouldn't want to show up in the print. If you can see it, it will print.
    • Please be sure you are working from a lossless original (such as a TIFF or PSD file), and then save the file as the highest-quality JPEG in RGB color mode. This will keep any editing that you are doing from degrading your files.
    • Please be sure you have professional scans of your work if it is not produced digitally. DO NOT manually increase the pixel dimensions of your images by resampling or upscaling in Photoshop as this will degrade your files and compromise the quality of your prints.
    • If you want to add a white border to your art prints (instead of full bleed printing) please add any size white border to each file by increasing your “canvas size” (not image size) in Photoshop before saving your JPEG.
    • Be sure to select the “embed color profile” when saving your work as a JPEG.

      PIXEL DIMENSIONS (300ppi)

      • Save all files to 300ppi and at the exact physical size you would like them to print at.

      EXAMPLE: If you want us to produce an 13x11 inch art print, then be sure the file is saved at 13x11 inches at 300ppi.

      COLOR MANAGEMENT (RGB Color Mode, or Grayscale)

      • To avoid color shift, be sure to save all JPEGs in RGB color mode, not CMYK. If the original file is in CMYK color mode please convert it to RGB before saving.
      • Use Grayscale for Black and White images. To achieve significantly increased black optical density save and upload your B&W images in Grayscale format. We use extraordinary grayscale printing profiles that will only use the black, light black, and light light black inks to produce superior gray tones, without any color shift.
      • Embed your color profile. If you want a specific color profile, please embed this in your file. In Photoshop, you can embed a color profile from the "Image" tab, and then "Convert To Profile." You will need to make the decision on which color profile is appropriate for your images, but the most popular profiles are sRGB and AdobeRGB (1998). To keep the colors the same, be sure to convert to a profile that is the same as your working space - have the "Source Space" and "Destination Space" be the same. A color profile is a set of instructions that is embedded or assigned to your image that tells our monitors how to display the colors accurately. Most images that come from a digital camera (and sometimes scanners) already contain an embedded ICC profile.

      NAMING YOUR FILES (Use Artwork Title)

      • Please save each file as the Title of the work exactly as you would like it listed, with spaces, or underscores to separate words in the title.
      EXAMPLE: "Untitled (boat)" would be saved as "Untitled (boat).jpeg" or "Untitled_(boat).jpeg"

        2. Email your Artist Bio

        • Please email us your bio as a PDF. This will be added to the product description that will accompany each of your art prints, and also helps search engine optimization (SEO) so that more people can find your work. Again, we want to best represent you here, so please try to keep your bio concise and consistent with the format in the following examples:

        EXAMPLE 1:
        Eike König is a world renowned graphic designer and founder & creative director of Berlin–based creative studio HORT. Eike's work is celebrated for it's conceptual, emotional, visual - sometimes playful, but always deliberate approach. He regularly collaborates with institutions like Arte, Bauhaus Dessau, Bergen Assembly, Mousonturm, Frankfurter Positionen and Tanzplattform Deutschland, as well as iconic brands like Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Nike, The New York Times and Universal Music. Eike is also a professor at the University of Arts, HfG Offenbach.

        German, b. Frankfurt, Germany, based in Berlin, German

        EXAMPLE 2:

        Máximo Tuja (aka Max-o-matic) is a prolific collage artist and image maker that creates an imaginary world from torn pieces of the real one. Sometimes wild and sometimes mathematical in his original collages he aims to confront the intuitive side of collage with an imposed rationalism to arrive at new and fresh results. With an ever-growing collector base, his work has been exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Rome, Lima, México DF and more. Max-o-matic regularly collaborates with iconic brands such as Nike, New York Times, Wired Magazine and The Sunday Times. He is also one of the founding members of The Weird Show, which showcases some of the most outstanding collage art worldwide.

        Argentine, b. 1975, Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in Barcelona, Spain


          If you have any questions, or just need help, please contact us at